Older Kitties Need Homes

At Texas Cares (https://www.texascares.org/) our hearts are warmed each time one of our kitties is adopted. We use the term “kitties” for all our cats, even as they grow older. Most potential adopters that visit our adoption centers at local PetSmarts are interested in kittens. The sign we put outside each center even states when kittens are available.

Kittens are cute and cuddly. And, they are very trusting, since they don’t have many memories. Older kitties are cute and cuddly in their own ways. My wife and I are the proud parents of two kitties that were older when we adopted them from Texas Cares. Unlike a trusting kitten we had to gain their trust, which can take some time. But, nothing is more fulfilling than when an older kitty finally decides that you are OK and jumps into your lap happily purring their affection for you.

When you are thinking about adopting a kitty and visit one of our adoption centers don’t forget to consider one of our older kitties, who also need a loving home.

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