Resources for your cat’s health, behavior, care, and socialization

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Getting Started

Pets, Allergies & Furniture
A New Owner’s Guide to Adopting a Cat
How to Adopt and Care for Your First Pet Cat
Bringing a New Cat Home: How to Prevent Problems from Day One
Cat Behavior Problems: Prevention
Dog Chasing Cat: Tips for Stopping This Behavior
How to Stop Cats From Fighting
Introducing a New Cat
Solutions to Cat-Related Issues
Pet-Proofing Your Home
Guide to Traveling With Pets Internationally

If you found kittens, what to do (and not do)

What to Do (and NOT Do) If You Find a Newborn Kitten

Resources for animal welfare and declawing information

The Paw Project – Detailed website with the truth about declaring
Downloadable Brochure (Copyright © 2017 Paw Project – All Rights Reserved)
What you need to know about declawing about declawing

Health & Care

Cat Declawing: The Price of Convenience
Cat Health: Keeping Your Cat Healthy
Cat Health: Signs of a Healthy Cat
Cat Safety
Effects of Air Pollution on Pets
Fatty Liver Disease in Cats
Feeding Your Cat
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
FIV in Cats FAQs
How to Give a Cat a Pill
Kidney Disease in Cats
Pet Friendly Apartments (Texas)
Spaying or Neutering a Cat: Reasons to Fix Your Cat
Stomatitis in Cats

Behavior & Socialization

Aggression in Cats Toward People
Cat Aggression Toward Other Cats
Cat Behavior Modification Techniques
Cat Crate Training
Cat Not Using Litter Box
Cat Scared of Noise
Cat Scared of Other Pets
Traveling with pets internationally
Cat Scared of Strangers
Cat Scared of Sudden Movement
Cat Spraying in House
Clicker Training
Kitten Plays Too Rough
Cats begs at the table
How to Teach Your Kid About Animal Safety

Enrichment & Play

Cat Enrichment
Cattery and Catio Information
Enrichment Ideas for Cats
Walking a Cat
We Finally Know What Turns Cats into Tabbies
Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

Cats & Children

Teaching kids to play nice with cats

Local Animal Shelters

Operation Kindness
DFW Area Animal Control Agencies listing on SPCA Website

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid for Pets | Best Friends Animal Society
North Texas Pet Food Pantry (provides pet food assistance to individuals with temporary loss of income and for the care of companion animals in emergency and crisis situations)
MetLife Pet Insurance | Voted Best Pet Health Insurance

Traveling with Pets

Safe traveling with pets while driving
Guide to Traveling With Pets Internationally

Help Caring for Pets

The Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center provides the physical, emotional, and medical needs of companion animals whose owners are no longer able to provide that care. Clients of the center include pet owners who want to assure their pet’s future prior to entering a retirement home, being hospitalized for an extended period, or predeceasing a pet.