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Featured Cats

Lexy and Lilly are brother and sister that were surrended at the same time.


My name is Lex, shortened from Lexy, and I am a two-year-old boy that has a body and heart as big as Texas! (I like the name Lex, because it rhymes with Tex!) Just like those in Texas, I like everything big. I like big hugs, big chairs, big cuddles, and obviously, big food! Sadly, I have been told I need to go on a big diet. I won’t mind the diet so much if I’m in a home with people who meet all my other big demands. Okay, I’m really not so tough, but I do still like big. I’m kind of a big heart in a whole lot of body that has more to give than you will ever need. I’m so awesome, that you probably would never need another pet other than me! Would I like to be with another pet? I guess it would depend if they could handle me! There I go again with the big talk. I guess it would depend if they were as gentle hearted as me. If you are wanting big love, big hugs, big together time and a big boy, I’m your man! I suggest you rustle up yourself, hit the trail and come get me fast. I know there are many out there who can’t resist my charms.


Hello! I’m Pongo! I found myself in a local rural shelter after wandering the streets. I had something wrong with my eyes and the shelter helped me as much as they could, removing my bad eye, then reached out to Texas CARES to help me with my eye and find a forever home. They have a volunteer vet that specializes in ophthalmology and she was able to save my only eye by building an eyelid for me, since I was born without one in that eye… I am seeing well and am comfortable now with just daily eye lubricant and yearly eye check-ups.

She has also included a visit to see her at no cost. It is because I am so loveable and cute.  My future care with regard to my eyes will be a visit to the ophthalmology clinic yearly for a quick check, to make sure all is good.  

I also have a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, sometimes referred to as wobbly cat syndrome, which causes me to be a bit uncoordinated and have some jerky movements. This condition won’t shorten my life at all, but I do need an experienced cat owner/family that will understand my quirkiness.   I will require a home visit before my adoption can be approved. That said, I have plenty of energy to keep everyone busy!

I am super soft, sweet and I just love people and attention. I want to be in the middle of all the action so I’ll need a home where someone will be around most of the time as I get very lonely when I’m left alone. I’m not that found of boy kitties but I get along just fine with female kitties as long as properly introduced. I don’t know about dogs since I’ve never been around them…at least not in my foster home.  

I’m a super special kitty that will bring love, joy, and entertainment to any home that I become a part of…is that you?