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Featured Cats

Lexy and Lilly are brother and sister that were surrended at the same time.


My name is Lex, shortened from Lexy, and I am a two-year-old boy that has a body and heart as big as Texas! (I like the name Lex, because it rhymes with Tex!) Just like those in Texas, I like everything big. I like big hugs, big chairs, big cuddles, and obviously, big food! Sadly, I have been told I need to go on a big diet. I won’t mind the diet so much if I’m in a home with people who meet all my other big demands. Okay, I’m really not so tough, but I do still like big. I’m kind of a big heart in a whole lot of body that has more to give than you will ever need. I’m so awesome, that you probably would never need another pet other than me! Would I like to be with another pet? I guess it would depend if they could handle me! There I go again with the big talk. I guess it would depend if they were as gentle hearted as me. If you are wanting big love, big hugs, big together time and a big boy, I’m your man! I suggest you rustle up yourself, hit the trail and come get me fast. I know there are many out there who can’t resist my charms.


My name is Lily, I will be two years old this May, and I am a fabulous kitty! I have tried to be humble, but when you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it. Well, okay, here is a little humility, I think I’m stressed by other cats. They just look at me and I start to worry. I do have a brother, who I love being with, but I’m not sure if I would ever want a random kitty around me. (I don’t want to hurt them, just make them think I will so they won’t mess up my fur or casual charm.) That’s okay, because I am enough to make up for as many kitties as you could possibly want. I want to be near you, beside you, on your lap, on your computer, by your computer, and pet the entire time. You can hold me like a baby, pet my abs, brush me, anything that tells me you love me. Why would you possibly want any other cat, I can take up your every minute of wanting to pet, cuddle or kiss on. I am a full-figured girl, and proud of it, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to drop a little bit of me. I’m healthy, roam, jump high and like to play with toys. If I’m your girl, you better get me quick! I’m sure there are many people out there who would give anything to have me.