We are only accepting cats verified by Texas Cares who were originally adopted from our organization. We recently have focused on rescuing from local animal shelters to avoid euthanizing cats where possible. As an all volunteer organization, our foster program has a limited capacity, and for that reason, we can only accept surrenders of cats we originally adopted out.

Surrender Form

Cat and Kitten Surrender Form

    Are you surrendering an adult cat or kitten?
  • Number of kittens that are male
  • Number of kittens that are female
  • Please describe the kitten(s) color, long or short hair …
    Have you had or are are you aware if this kitten has been tested FIV & FELV Test? If yes. please provide results in medical issues box below.
    Has this kitten been kitten spayed or neutered, to your knowledge?
  • Name of cat:
  • The Microchip ID is *REQUIRED* to return a cat adopted from Texas CARES. If you do not have the number, any Vet Office or municipal animal shelter will scan it for free.
  • (Contract numbers are at the top of your adoption agreement paperwork and start with a “C” and then numbers like C319652)
  • Please provide a detailed reason for this surrender request.
  • How long has the cat or kitten(s) been in your possession?
    What is the gender of this Adult cat?
  • How old is this cat, if known or approximated?
  • Provide a description – color, long or short hair …
    Is the adult cat current on vaccinations?
  • If any, please describe any past or present medical issues
  • If any, please describe known behavioral issues
    Has cat ever bitten someone?
    Does cat get along with dogs?
    Is cat/kitten(s) indoors or outdoors?
    Can you foster cat/kitten(s) until it is adopted regardless of time needed to find the right family?
  • Please provide any other relevant information you would like Texas CARES should know there was not a place to provide above.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, Max. file size: 100 MB.
    You may upload one picture max 64mb
    So that we can better understand how to help people find us and our Surrender Program, it’s helpful to know how you heard about us.