Foster a Cat

Submit an Application to Foster a Cat

You will have a Foster Care Mentor who will explain the program and be a resource to you throughout your fostering. You will complete an application to become a foster home and a contract agreeing to terms.

Time Involved:
This depends on the needs of each pet. Most foster cats are healthy and adoptable so good food, regular attention and lots of love are all that are required. Kittens require more time, as do animals requiring any type of treatment or medication.


  • Most important is love and concern for the pets.
  • All adults in the household must agree to the foster arrangement.
  • Time and desire to socialize cats.
  • Willingness to provide food, water, and medication (if necessary).
  • A clean and safe living environment and daily care and attention.
  • Other animals in the home must be current on all vaccinations./ (All foster pets will have been tested for disease prior to placement in foster care.)
  • Foster cats should be kept separate from the Foster’s personal pets.
  • Must fill out an application and sign a contract.
  • If renting your residence, proof of pet deposit required.


  • Aid in the care and socialization of cats and/or kittens and of sick, injured or very young cats.
  • Be attuned to changes with the cat and any illness.
  • Spend time on a daily basis with the foster cat.
  • Provide food, water, litter and other necessities.
  • Medicate the animal, if necessary; take to our veterinarian for treatment, if required.
  • Bring the cat to one Adopt-a-Pet a weekend (Sat. or Sun.) or put it in a permanent adoption cage when instructed to do so.

Most fosters donate food, litter and other necessities, but Texas CARES will provide food and litter, if necessary. Texas CARES arranges for and pays for all medical care.

The Foster Care Program is vital to our saving lives. Taking cats into foster care gives them an opportunity to be socialized. Without foster homes, we can’t rescue pets, and many will die. Foster care allows the sick and the young to be adopted later.  If you have questions, fill in your information below and click “Submit.”