Toffee (boy)

Domestic Short Hair - Tabby - Adult - Male
Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedSpecial Needs

Hello, my name is Toffee! I’m a sweet boy and am told I’m very handsome. I have these beautiful tawny-colored stripes which are very cool and green eyes. I like to play and really like to be petted. I have a pretty mellow personality and like cuddles and kisses.

I can be a little shy at first. My sister Pebbles usually says “hello” first and I trust her judgment. Pebbles and I are also best friends and a “bonded pair” who need to be adopted together. Like my sister, I hope that a loving family will see that getting both of us will be like getting an extra prize in the package.

My sister and I both have a condition called FHV-Type 1 (aka, Feline Herpes). It’s a very common form of upper respiratory infection that almost all kitties are exposed to at some point. Toffee and I probably got it from our mom when we were babies, so we are carriers of the condition. That means that other kitties could get it from us. (We cannot transmit it to humans or dogs.) Our FHV-Type 1 cannot be cured. But it can be managed with good nutrition, a loving low-stress environment, and occasional medication.

There are several possible symptoms associated with FHV-Type 1.

It can cause sneezing, congestion, eye and/or nasal discharge, eye inflammation, and other symptoms.

For me right now, the symptoms are moderate.

I have occasional sneezing and often have some discharge from my eyes. My foster mom has to wipe my eyes daily. She also gives me dietary support like probiotics (FortiFlora) and an L-Lysine supplement (Viralys) to keep my immune system strong.

And, I sometimes need to see the vet for prescription eye drops or antibiotics.

We know our condition might sound a little scary. But it’s manageable and I hope that it won’t deter you from considering me and my sister to be part of your family.

We’re both very loving and sweet and we promise to repay your love and care many times over.
8/3/20 3:56 PM