Hey you, I’m Sasha also know as Sweet Sasha and sometimes Silly Sasha.  I have the ability to bring my foster parents to a state of “calm” and I’m also good at letting them know when I want attention.  I simply say “meow” which means come on over!  My “meow” is quite effective and can have different meanings and you’ll know when I want your attention.  The other trick I use to get attention is the “throw myself on the floor tactic” in front of whoever’s attention I want at that moment.  Never fails, it brings my humans down and I get some instant petting – pretty clever don’t you think?  I also consider myself as a “leader” – I decide who can be my friend and who isn’t a good fit for me.  I do have a best friend and his name is Ollie.  Ollie and I met outside not sure how but thanks to our incredible foster Mom & Dad, she found us and here we are now inside safe and having the time of our lives getting ready for our forever families.  Ollie also brings out the best side of me – we love to have wrestling and playful competition matches and we always end our time together with some cuddling – it’s a win-win situation.  Ollie can be a bit up tight and I bring out the best in him too.  Perhaps if you have room for two awesome cats like me and Ollie, you will consider us?  If I can do that for Ollie, imagine what I can do for you?   Please ask about me, I am ready to bring calm into your life right meow!