Hi, I’m Ollie! They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, now look into my eyes, what do ya think? They keep telling me they’re beautiful, mesmerizing and all of these words that are hard for a cat like me to understand. I hope that you like me and my eyes too. I like to think of myself as independent. Although, when I’m in the mood, I really like to have my fluffy neck scratched and oh boy do I love a good brushing and I feel so soft that it makes my foster want to purr. My foster thinks I should do commercials for cat shampoo but I think I’m too reserved for all that paparazzi stuff. My idea of a good day is being lazy, relaxing, hanging out and taking naps. I do love a good game of hide and seek with my best friend Sasha who will be ready for adoption soon. We like to chase each other around, be silly, wrestle and end playtime with cuddles. I think my new furever home should be relatively quiet. My current foster has three dogs and they are loud and sometimes scary and I am not into loud. So with this in mind, I’d be happier as a single pet or having a kitty companion sweet like me. I am a bit timid and will need some time to get really comfortable with new people. I know however, I could bond with you especially over dinner.