Domestic Long Hair - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neutered

Millie would be a great cat for adults or for a family with older children, in a calmer quieter type environment. She is very affectionate and sweet, but won’t usually initiate pets. She waits to be invited over or approached by you. She won’t push herself onto you for attention. She would be fine with other cats or dogs (as long as the dog isn’t high energy or an excessive barker) as she has been with both during her life. She loves to jump and play with her da-bird toy. She’s a medium energy kitty, pretty independent, and quiet/not super vocal, she doesn’t interrupt sleep or try to get into the bed during the night. She typically likes to sleep in a cat tree out in the house. She does like to sit on couches, but she has never damaged any furniture at all. She is not declawed. She is spayed. She’s an every person sort of cat, doesn’t really pick a favorite, and is happy to be friendly with everyone. Litter box trained and has never had an accident.