Domestic Short Hair - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neuteredhousetrained

Meet Gracie. A sweet, young girl, barely one years old. Gracie is a young mother, too, and nursed all her babies who went on to find their forever homes, all while she was injured. You see, we rescued Gracie just in time, as she was on the code red list due to her injuries. Someone had burned her. We don’t know who, how or why. And that’s not been our focus. What has been our focus from day 1 has been to get Gracie the medical care she needs and love she deserves. She has been with her foster mom for several months doing just that.

Gracie has received both topical and oral medicines and has healed nicely. She has also been taking non-flavored Omega 3 pills in her food a few times a week – which she will need to stay on for the rest of her life to keep her skin nice and soft and not be itchy. You may notice Gracie’s wardrobe. Her Foster Mom knew Gracie was not happy in her cone of shame, so she got her some stylish t-shirts to cover one of her burn wounds so she would stop scratching them in order for them to heal. Gracie does not mind her clothes at all, and we believe she will need to wear a t-shirt in her future, so she doesn’t scratch the area causing the wound to surface again. You may also notice Gracie is missing hair on the top of her head and her ear is a little wrinkled. These are from her injuries and are healed, but her hair won’t grow back. Neither will the hair on her body that is covered by her cute t-shirts. Gracie’s Foster Mom has also made sure Gracie’s front and back nails are nice and trimmed, too. Gracie has had some exposure to other cats and we believe she would do ok with a kitty buddy, preferably an older, calm kitty that won’t play too rough. We will work hard to find the perfect home for Gracie with a new family who is dedicated to giving her the love, medicine, mani-pedi’s and stellar wardrobe she deserves throughout her lifetime. Gracie’s new family will get the clothes we have bought for her, along with a hand-made bed we provide to all our adopters.